Cactus Blue Woodshop Projects

Early Projects

These are some of my earliest woodworking projects from my 7th, 8th and 9th grade years in school. I had some of the best metal and woodshop teachers. We had more projects than those pictured here, but I do not know what happened to some and others were gifts for family and friends. There is a memo station that I will try to find and get some photos of as well.

early projects: Cherry Wood Bowl
Cherry Wood Bowl
early projects: small cutting board
Small Cutting Board
early projects: 3 legged stool
3-Legged Stool 1
early projects: 3 legged stool different view
3-Legged Stool (different view)
early projects: metal drawer front view
Metal Drawer Front View
early projects: metal drawer back view
Metal Drawer Back View
early projects: metal trivet
Metal Trivet
early projects: sanding block
Sanding Block