Cactus Blue Woodshop Projects

Corner Hutch

The corner hutch was my all-time biggest challenge. I also made it in the garage “wood-shop” at our old house. If you can believe it, I used a Delta contractor’s table saw to cut that cherry wood. I had to do a lot of sanding. I wish I would have had the fore thought to take a timeline of pictures to show the process for making this hutch. I remember that I used plans that I ordered from Woodcraft.

As you can see the cherry wood mellowed over the years. I spent a lot of time shopping for pieces of cherry that had some character as you can see in the crown and in the cabinet doors. We eventually remodeled and it no longer fit with the decor of our home and so I sold it.

corner hutch
Corner Hutch New
corner hutch 8 years old
Corner Hutch 8 Years Later
corner hutch 20 years old
Corner Hutch 20 Years Later